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At Topcruit Staffing Firm, we’ll keep you connected to top talent, whenever and wherever you need it. Contact us today so we can help you find the professionals best suited for your needs and requirements. We make sure to create the right fit between companies and employees so that both sides are happy in the end. Let us help you today.


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We will enrich your team with only the best in your industry’s field. Let us know what your company’s needs are and what the requirements are from your team and we’ll do the rest.

Simply focus on your business and we’ll deliver the talent.

Contact us today to find your new office star.


Mid-Level & Management

We listen to all the dynamics involved in the retained recruiting process, ensuring that everyone in your organization, from the hiring manager to the head of HR, to our organization, are on the same page. By clarifying expectations and minimizing misunderstandings at the outset, we ensure that your organization moves efficiently through the retained recruiting process.


Work With The Best

Are you finding it difficult to land a superstar employee? Simply tell us what the position entails, what type of employee you’re looking for, how many daily or weekly hours you’ll require, and we’ll be happy to handle your requests with ease. Contact us now to start hiring the right people for your needs.



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Topcruit Staffing Firm has the tools to connect recruits with the best companies. If you live in the Denver Metro area, we can help you. Learn about the industries we specialize in below. Get in touch with us today.


Work With the Best

We’re a leader in filling Customer Service job opportunities in the greater Denver Metro area. Check out our listings and apply today!


Expert Strategies

We know how difficult the job market can truly be. That is why our team of experts does everything in its power to take the pressure off. We specialize in sourcing and recruiting in many local industries, specializing in Administration. Whatever your needs may be, we are here for you. Contact us to make the process a simple as it can be.



Mid or senior level executives, finding the right company is crucial to your continued success. Topcruit Staffing Firm will utilize the latest technology and our extensive network to locate the best company and culture for you.



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(720) 689-2244

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